Existence is Temporary

Artwork for the EP. A face made of birds in a summers day sky surrounded by clouds.

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About the Music

Her debut EP is a musical representation of an extended existential crisis Grace had in 2018. A sudden realisation of how finite time can be, how much there is to explore in life, and what happens after we’re gone. Whilst this is an instrumental EP, there is storytelling behind the scenes through the use of spoken word, vocal snippets, sampling, and visuals in the form of some of the trailers and music videos.

Grace is excited to be working with Gareth Mason (Novena, Slice The Cake) and Jonas Johansson (Slice The Cake) from ‘The Bakery’ to handle the mixing and mastering of the EP. Jonah Robertson (Empire Bathtub) who performed the spoken word, and Andrew Scott who provided the drum parts. As despite Grace’s best efforts, she hasn’t gotten around to perfecting drums just yet...

Grace also worked with Yusuf Niazi, Joshua Wainwright, Ieva Ungurryte, and Helen Squires from ‘Pursued By A Dragon’, as well as Shelby Logan Warne (Kyros, Old Street Studios) in order to create the headline music video for the track ‘Where Am I?''

‘Existence is Temporary’ is self- released, and available as a CD Digipack and digital download from August 6th 2021 on Bandcamp, as well as all of your favourite streaming services.

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"A striking balance between melodic fragiity and cathartic ambience, with just enough brooding riifs chucked in for head-nodding good measure"

Sophie Maughan, Metal Hammer

"This is a neat first acoustic sign of life from Grace Hayhurst that should appeal to fans of atmospheric instrumental prog as well as post rock aficionados"

Dario, The Prog Space

"Every song in this EP seriously screams perfectionism"

Dylan, The Progressive Subway

"Grace Hayhurst wouldn’t look out of place at summer festivals such as ArcTanGent and Tech Fest"

Niall Creane, Invicta Magazine


A photo of Grace playing her white fender telecaster in the forest, taken from the music video 'Where am I?'

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