I'm In A Battle Against My Brain

Artwork for 'I'm In A Battle Against My Brain'. Grace Hayhurst is sat on the floor holding a brain covered in blood in an entirely white liminal space.

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About the Music

I feel that the meaning of the song is fairly self explanatory given the title, and subsequent lyrics. Any other deeper meaning that this song may or may not have you'll have to work out for yourself.

Grace had the pleasure of working with Robin Johnson (Kyros) and Shelby Logan Warne (Old Street Studios/Kyros) to help bring her vision to life. Even Joey Frevola (Kyros) got involved on additional crowd vocals as he was in the studio during the recording session.

Grace also worked with Tobias Hawthorne in an acting capacity for the music video. Toby did a fantastic job with absolutely no prior training or expectations as to what he was supposed to be doing. No really. Shelby also aided in the filming of this video.

'I'm In A Battle Against My Brain' is self-released, available as a CD "single" from September 9th 2022 on Bandcamp, as well as all of your favourite streaming services.

The physical CD features other music including the audio from the Progspace festival (2021), and the High Taste at Home festival (2022), and it's also the only place in which you'll find an instrumental mix of the track.

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A photo of the cover art on a cd


A photo of Grace in a white liminal space holding her hands either side of her head whilst singing.

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