Live From The Cavendish Arms

Artwork for the EP. The four band members stood playing in the Cavendish Arms Pub.

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About the Music

High Taste at Home was a community run progressive music festival broadcast in September 2022.

Grace was joined by her backing band to bring some of her music to life once again at the Cavendish Arms in London, UK.

It's only the second time the band have ever played live together, but the chemistry got cosier for a tighter performance, mix, and show.

High Taste at Home is self-released, and available as a digital download from September 23rd 2021 on Bandcamp, as well as all of your favourite streaming services.

It's also available as part of a physical release with the "I'm In A Battle Against My Brain" single.


A photo of Grace playing her white fender telecaster in the forest, taken from the music video 'Where am I?'

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